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Costume Wigs[Gabalia Co., Ltd.]

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Costume Wigs[Gabalia Co., Ltd.]

We offer wigs with a large selection of styles and colors, including long natural hair and wavy hair

Fabric: Domestically manufactured, top-quality fabric. High heat fabric is capable of being resistant to heat of up to 150°C and also permits heat treatment. Its quality is as good as that of Kanekalon (aka KK), which is the top-quality Japanese fabric.
Total length: about 50~80cm

They are used for costume plays that mimic Japanese animation as well as for parties and shows. They are colorful in nature and are usually produced to bear the likeness of characters from animation and games.

*Costume play
It is a compound word of costume and play, which is also called 'cosplay' in English and 'Cospres' in Japanese. It is the young's subculture centered on dressing, making hairdo's, and creating gestures of popular stars and animation characters. It represents a typical culture of the character generation that has grown in the company of characters from comic books and games.

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